Case Study

Our client wanted to improve their sales performance and increase customer satisfaction.

They began a manual process of creating and distributing individual performance reports on a monthly basis. Their intention was to review efficiencies, to identify non-conformance, to improve their customer experience, and identify opportunities to increase sales. However, their reporting process was not having the impact they hope for. These are some of the challenges they faced:


Reports required more frequently but current manual capability cannot accommodate this requirement – at least 3 weeks of preparation required.
2.5 resources are required to generate reports which is expensive and time consuming.
Unreliable information due to the inconsistent integration methods used to consolidated data.
No reliable information describing the performance of operations monthly.
Cannot provide management with an integrated view of the performance of operations.
Inability to drill down into underlying information to facilitate root cause analysis.

The CORREL8 Solution

After our initial analysis confirmed the challenges that our client was facing from their legacy information and reporting solution, we set about implementing our integrated solution platform to assist our client in the following ways:

Consolidated Data Layer

Established a consolidated data layer integrating data from various functions across operations.

Intuitive Dashboards

Published information using intuitive dashboards that provided a consistent integrated view across all functions within operations.

Responsive Reporting

Reduce the reporting period from 3 weeks to 2 days.

Reliable Information

Increased the reliability of information using consistent integration methods and calculations.

Client Value

Intuitive dashboards presenting KPIs and metrics that summarise trends.
Enabling granular analysis to determine the root cause for incidents.
Reduce the effort and cost for generating routine monthly reports.
Improved sales and customer experience.
Improved decision making confidence through deeper insight.

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