Organisations today have more data than ever before. However, the information is only as good as the business intelligence systems used to interpret that data, otherwise it’s just more unnecessary noise. Organisations need to filter out the noise to enable them to better understand their businesses, and make informed decisions about their customers, brand, competitors, operations and market opportunities.

The CORREL8 approach to data is structured, agile and bespoke, serving your organisation’s needs on your terms. Our discovery process for business intelligence engagements ensures that we exceed our clients expectations. We adopt a top-down approach, where clients participate in the creation of storyboards and mockups prior to the development and implementation of the solution, to avoid rework and misaligned expectations.

Why Correl8?


We have access to a wide range of expert resources in the financial services industry, with deep industry knowledge.


With our disciplined approach, we deliver consistent differentiated value at a low cost to ensure long term value for clients.


We deliver specialised and truly differentiated solutions that address the needs of the broader market and the needs of individual clients.

Delivery Excellence

We provide quality solutions that bring together both technical competence and business acumen, to ensure our client's success.


Our innovative solutions assist clients in gaining insight in their data.

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